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Welcome to the online Communication Use Inventory Certification site. To get started you must have the BLM authorization number (aka serial number) for your communication site lease/grant.

NOTE: Users must also allow pop ups from our site.

To submit an electronic version of your communication use inventory certification form for 2023, please:


Typical Authorization Number CO C 012184
CA CA 002953
Authorization Number w/Prefix AZ AR 0 013914
Authorization Number w/Suffix AZ AR 0 013914 A

Select a Bill Group or enter an Authorization Number

Bill Group


The serial number you enter will be displayed in entry box at the right as you tab to the next field or select the find inventory form button.

If you did not enter the number correctly, have a correct number or the lease/grant has expired or been relinquished, a pop-up will direct you to call the BLM Communication Use Rent Team's toll free number (877 947-3705) for assistance.

When you have entered your serial number, click Find Inventory Form. You will then be taken to the online Communications Site Inventory Certification to complete your submittal.

Once you have completed the inventory form click the Submit Certification Worksheet button and the form will be saved and sent to BLM.

You can print or save a copy of the submitted certification for your records.